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Saheri Creations LLC – A full service app and web development company

Our Services

We offer full design and development for your mobile application for the Apple iOS and Android platforms. Need a website? We can do that too! We also can design and execute a multi channel marketing campaign to promote your newly created application.

Mobile Applications

Got and idea for the next great app? Don’t know how to get it made? Give us a call! We can design and develop and application from a utility to the next new mobile game craze.


With over 15 years of experience, we know what it takes to get your product noticed. We are experts at multi-channel marketing. Already have an app but need a boost in sales? Let us help you get noticed!


Got an idea but don’t have the funds to get it made? We would love to help. You can partner with Saheri Creations and make your app a reality. We believe that any idea is too good to pass up.



Native Apps

Native apps, coded and created for each operating system.

You Dream it, We Make It

It all starts with an idea. We take it from there. Building native apps created to work properly within each operating system.

Clean Design

All about the user experience. We make it clean so its easy to use.

The Latest Design Trends

Our team of designers is tasked with staying up to date with all the latest design trends. We make sure everything we do is current and clean.

Features Galore

We don't believe in saying no! If its possible, we'll find a way.

Amazing App Features

The sky is the limit with the features we can pack into a mobile application. You wanna create the next viral app? Got and idea to do something thats never been done? Challenge accepted!


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Live Stats Anywhere

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Beautiful User Interface

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Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

At Saheri Creations we strive to go above and beyond the norm. That means a solid real world end product that surpasses user expectation. Refined graphics combined with meticulously thought out logic are what set us apart.

Skills We Use

Objective-C 95%
Java 90%
User Interface 89%
App Design 97%

Team Members

Sahak Dulguerian

Since the dawn of the first generation iPhone, Sahak has been creating apps as a hobby… combined with a techie+design background, that hobby has blossomed into a profession

Eric Tima

With over 15 years of experience in the design and marketing industry, Eric is a…

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